Made with Love from a Dog Lover for Dog Lovers

Woggie® was created out of necessity after moving back to my home state of Indiana. As an avid Monon bicycle rider and runner, I decided that dog owners needed a better way to clean up their pet droppings while also being able to enjoy all of our beautiful green spaces hassle-free. Woggie is a patented apparatus that effectively catches dog waste before it hits the ground, making it easier to keep our green spaces, both public and private, clean. The invention has been proven to work on a variety of dogs of all different shapes and sizes. With the use of biodegradable bags, it solves our fourlegged friends’ #2 problem while also being environmentally friendly!

How Does it Work?

Buy a Woggie!

Make sure to measure your dog's circumference (around the hips) and measure from the hips to the tail. This will ensure a perfect Woggie fit.

Put it on

First, put the Woggie Harness around the waste of the dog. Second, load the Woggie Bar into the Woggie Catcher. Attach the Woggie Catcher to the Woggie Harness.

Get the Bag

After your Woggie Doggie is done using the restroom, simply pull out the bag and dispose of it. That's it!